Hegyi Geomatics has leading expertise in developing GIS software solutions in natural resource management. It developed and marketed various solutions to the international markets, of which few are listed below.

Visual Imaging System for Terrain Assessment and Simulation (VISTAS) is developed by Hegyi Geomatics. It is a PC-based electronic image cataloging system combined with capabilities of creating modified and composite images. The systems was designed for applications in forestry, resource management and environmental monitoring and assessment.

GeoTechnology Solution with Multimedia Application Resource Toolbox (GeoSMART) is an onboard computer system which integrates Global Positioning System, Geographic Information System data, Image Analysis System, image cataloguing, word processing, spreadsheet and online documentation (regulations, Acts) and provides resource management personnel, with on-line, real-time access to base station computers from the field. It has built five modules: Communications Module, Geo-positioning Module, GIS Module, Stereo Viewing Module and Decision Support/Voice Recognition Module. It assists in collecting site specific information in the field and facilitates for immediate actions. It offers user friendly technology to resources and environmental management in the field.

Image Database System for Acquiring Fotos Electronically (ID/SAFE) is a visual database software package which includes capabilities for Offender Booking, Identification, Asset Management, Personal Security Management, Real Estate Listing and Auto Multiple Listing services.

GeoTrak Automatic Vehicle Locator (GeoTrak-AVL) is an integrated hardware/software solution designed to track and monitor armored cars, security vehicles, law enforcement mobile units, commercial trucks, rental cars, private automobiles and vehicles exposed to high risk situations.

Mobile Technical Office (MTO) is a tool developed to display targeted objects using maps, satellite imageries, digital aerial photographs and Global Positioning System (GPS). It integrated laptop computer with GPS and wireless communication modem. It increases the efficiency and effectiveness of field operations by developing three modules (i) spatial data display module (ii) Spatial data wireless communication module and (iii) Office automation tools.