Hegyi Geomatics excels in designing, developing and implementing decision support systems in natural resources and environmental management. Our strong focus is to integrate forest resource inventory, ecosystem models, GIS and remote sensing to generate seamless data. We provide services in applications of GIS, remote sensing and ecosystem modelling techniques in assessing, monitoring and managing natural resources and environment. Our other areas of expertise are in information technology, emergency preparedness, mobile business operations and aerospace etc.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing

Information collection, database design and management
Image acquisition, processing and analysis
Spatial analysis and modelling, mapping and reporting
Customize GIS application and services fulfilling users’
need also develop web and mobile apps
Enabling decision makers to take quick and accurate decisions by
providing reliable spatial data and information

Forest Resource Inventory and Monitoring

Planning, design and evaluation of forest inventory programs
Design cost effective sampling system using remote sensing and GIS
Tree and stand growth projections
Database preparation, evaluation and management
Conducting or facilitating in feasibility study, project piloting,
project implementation and management
Training on forest inventory, statistical analysis, GIS,
ecosystem modelling and satellite image analysis

Ecosystem Modelling and Forest Carbon Management

Design cost effective information collection systems combining field/ground
based information with remote sensing data
Automate information collection, database creation,
database management and analysis process
Design computer models to simulate ecosystem services (i.e., carbon sequestration
climate change, nutrient and energy balance)
Integrate field information, ecosystem models, GIS and remote sensing to
produce seamless data for past, present and future
Develop multi-criteria decision making tools for effective planning,
designing and implementation of projects

Emergency Preparedness

GIS based asset management of emergency supplies
Tracking first responders using GPS and wireless data transmission
(seamless switch between terrestrial and satellite based infrastructures)
Disaster management logistics software for Monitoring/Command Centers

Mobile Business Operations

Tracking mobile units and displaying their positions on street level digital maps
Providing access to corporate databases in the field through wireless data
transmission, including data collection on electronic forms

Information Technology

Management consulting services
Special IT projects
IT managed services


Prognosis health management of aerospace systems
Predicting the health of aero-engines and maintaining a
safe and reliable life of aircrafts